Empowering you to achieve your health goals

Milwaukee Advanced Physical Therapy offers performance enhancement plans and established techniques to help train your body and take you to a level of performance and confidence in your chosen sports activity. Our goal is to increase your speed, agility, strength, and power by focusing on sport-specific movements at game speed.

Our Physical Therapists are experts in metabolic system training, general sports function, and injury prevention. We will help enhance your performance by addressing your current condition and correcting any potential performance difficulties such as old injuries or underdeveloped muscles.

This program will include specific exercises to meet your specific goals for your performance on the field or at work. Therapy services include:

  • Dynamic flexibility
  • Sports-specific biomechanics training programs
  • Reaction and coordination
  • Energy systems
  • Conditioning
  • Speed development
  • Youth fitness and development training
  • Proven injury prevention systems

We will work to strengthen your muscle, improve your flexibility, and enhance your musculoskeletal coordination. To find out more about our performance enhancement program, please don’t hesitate to call us.