We are a name you can trust when it comes to physical therapy.
physical therapist assisting mature man doing squats in clinic

Milwaukee Advanced Physical Therapy is a family-owned company of Physical Therapists with over 35 years of combined experience and a focus on helping their clients achieve their goals. MAPT is the first all minority-owned PT establishment with ownership having educational backgrounds rooted and flourished from the Milwaukee area. MAPT’s goal is to be the rehabilitation provider of choice and a resource for the surrounding community by helping clients “stop existing and get back to living.”

Everything we do focuses on our core purpose of enhancing your life. We are committed to providing a premier level of care to our clients to help address your conditions. We utilize the highest level of skilled services and the latest techniques to help you heal confidently and without pain in a shorter amount of time. We will stay focused on your progress and help achieve your goals by listening to your feedback throughout your treatment.


Milwaukee Advanced Physical Therapy (MAPT) was established to provide rehabilitative, preventative, and performance enhancement physical therapy to the surrounding community. MAPT’s team of highly qualified Physical Therapists has experience treating a wide variety of conditions such as orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, post-operative, and sports rehabilitation.


MAPT’s goal is to be a leader within the profession, a resource for the community, and help our patients “stop existing and get back to living”.